A rocknroll camp for girls in Champaign-Urbana with the goal of creating a culture of positive self-esteem for girls in our community.

June 17-22 at the IMC

GR! Workshop - 10/7/17 @The Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

GR! Workshop - 10/7/17 @The Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

Girls Rock! Champaign-Urbana seeks to create a culture of positive self-esteem for girls in our community. Teaching girls how to start a band, write a song, record a track, and play a gig are simply the means by which we hope to achieve this goal, as an investment in our future. 


Help Us Make 2019 Rock!

Your tax-deductible donation directly supports our programs and helps ensure that no one is ever turned away for lack of funds.

2019 Summer Camp Supporters


Thank You!

For everyone that donated, volunteered, hosted , attended or played at a show THANK YOU. This has been a true community effort and WE did it!

Thank you to our funders, partners, sponsors and those who have generously supported us.

Camp Goods or Services

Activator Magazine ♥️ Anonymous ♥️ Ariel Bloomer ♥️ Blackbird Urbana ♥️ Black Dog Smoke & Ale House ♥️ Flying Machine Avionics / Page Roasting Co ♥️ Exile On Main Street ♥️ Guitar Center (Champaign) ♥️ Icon for Hire ♥️ Mike Ingram of County Board ♥️ Miranda Graphic Designs ♥️ Perennial Sound Studio (Ryan Groff) ♥️ Pete Blackmon (First Gig) ♥️ Red Herring Vegetarian Restaurant ♥️ Skins n Tins ♥️ Sub Pop / Hardly Art Records ♥️ The Great Cover Up ♥️ ToneGood Studio (Mark Wyman) ♥️ Urbana Hootenanny at the Rosebowl Tavern ♥️ V Mullen Media ♥️ Watson's Shack & Rail

Camp Volunteers

Elizabeth Allen (Recording) ♥️ Jessica Bartell (Roadie) ♥️ Kayla Brown (Guitar Instructor) ♥️ Joanna Bergkoetter (Roadie) ♥️ Luke Bergkoetter (Roadie) ♥️ Carly Beth (Lunch Performance) ♥️ Sara Chabot (Camp Support) ♥️ Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab (Workshop) ♥️ Carrie Chandler (Camp Support) ♥️ CLAW (Workshop) ♥️ Tracy Earl (Roadie) ♥️ Gillian Gabriel (Roadie) ♥️ Amy Garren (Girl Power Coach) ♥️ Kamila Glowacki (Band Coach) ♥️ IMC Zine Library (Workshop) ♥️ Kenna Mae (Songwriting Instructor) ♥️ Veronica Mullen (Photographer, Roadie) ♥️ Christine Pallon (Drum Instructor) ♥️ Anka Radley (Band Coach) ♥️ RACES (Workshop) ♥️ Adani Sanchez (Roadie) ♥️ Melanie Sheckels (Girl Power Coach) ♥️ Isabel Skidmore (Bass Instructor) ♥️ Olivia Tasch (Vocal Instructor)