How to Help 

Girls Rock! Champaign-Urbana is a nonprofit organization that is entirely donations-funded and volunteer-operated. We need your help to continue to create spaces where girls and women are encouraged to speak up, rock out, and make a lot of noise to ensure that they recognize the power of their voices and their potential in our society. Your tax-deductible donation directly supports our programs and helps ensure that no one is ever turned away for lack of funds.


Help Us Make 2019 Rock!

How do we use your monetary or in-kind donations?

GR!CU welcomes attendees regardless of their ability to pay tuition. Donations directly support our programs and helps ensure that no one is ever turned away for lack of funds.

Your donation:

  • Funds scholarships and reduced-cost programs

  • Makes sure we have the guitars, basses, amplifiers, microphones, drum sticks, and ear plugs that will keep girls playing loud and strong all!

  • Allows us to purchase supplies, equipment, food and beverages, or go toward rental fees. insurance, application fees, print materials, merchandise, and all things we need in bulk.

  • Funds new programs, events, and workshops

  • Stipends for instructors and workshop leaders

  • …and more!

Monetary Donations*

Ready to show us some love? Just log into your PayPal account and follow these steps:

1. Click on Send & Request,

2. Select "send money to friends and family."

3. Enter and hit "next,"

4. Input the amount you want to send and hit "continue,"

5. Confirm the details and send away!


Volunteers are always needed! From helping with fundraising to camp instructors we have many positions to fill year round.

Please shoot us an email at to find out more.

Note: We welcome camp instructors and mentors who identify as  female, trans (regardless of identity) or gender non-conforming.

Donate Gear*

By donating gear you provide the campers with the instruments and supplies they need to successfully complete our program.

Example Donations:

  • Guitars

  • Basses

  • Keyboards

  • Drums

  • Amplifiers

  • Microphones

  • Cases

  • Recording equipment

  • Cables (1/4" instrument or XLR)

Thank You to Our 2018 Camp Supporters!

Camp Goods or Services

Ariel Bloomer ♥️ Common Ground Food Co-op ♥️ Chipotle (Anthony Drive Champaign Location) ♥️ Cowboy Monkey ♥️ Flying Machine Avionics ♥️ Guitar Center (Champaign) ♥️ Skins n Tins ♥️ V Mullen Media ♥️ Watson's Shack & Rail

Carrie (Camp Support) ♥️ Christine (Drums) ♥️ CLAW (General Bad A$$ery) ♥️ DJ Silkee (DJ Demonstration) ♥️ Emily (Vocals & Band Coach) ♥️ Isaac (Roadie) ♥️ James (Recording) ♥️ Jen (Songwriting) ♥️ Kamila (Bass) ♥️ Laurel (Guitar) ♥️ Liv (Band Coach & Guitar) ♥️ RACES (Educational Programming) ♥️ Sara C. (Camp Support) ♥️ Sara S. (Girl Power Coach)

Gear, Monetary & Supply Donors

Gloria ♥️ Janet ♥️ Kate ♥️ Luke ♥️ Megan ♥️  Melanie ♥️ Pam ♥️Pat ♥️ Veronica ♥️ Wade ♥️ Laura ♥️ Sonny ♥️ Kelly ♥️ Colin ♥️ Sharon ♥️ Andrea ♥️ Susan ♥️ Matt ♥️ Tina ♥️ Neil ♥️ Matthew ♥️ Andy ♥️ Austin ♥️ Cody ♥️ Jenna ♥️ Matt ♥️ Yam ♥️ Annie ♥️ William ♥️ Jenn ♥️ Scott ♥️ Christine ♥️ Josh ♥️ Jacqueline ♥️ Amanda ♥️ Anna ♥️ TJ ♥️ Eric ♥️ Justine ♥️ Bradly ♥️ Teri ♥️ Fiona ♥️ Rob ♥️ Gloria & Robert ♥️ Rachel & Jordan