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She Sings Out Loud Ladies Workshop with Emma Back

  • Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center 202 S Broadway Ave Ste 1, Urbana, Illinois 61801 (map)

She Sings Out Loud Workshop with Emma Back
Led by multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, feminine power coach and SSOL founder Emma Back

Ages 18+
We are inclusive of all female-identifying folks and invite our trans sisters to join us.
Presented by Girls Rock.
When: Sunday June 24th 1pm – 5pm
Where: UCIMC
Cost: $25 pre-register by June 20th, $30 after June 20th


www.shesingsoutloud,com/workshop for more information.

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Are you a female identifying creative type, singer, songwriter, musician or performer experiencing doubt, fear, confusion or shame in expressing yourself?

Have you had to deny your feminine self and rely only on your masculine side to be heard?

Are you turned off by the patriarchal, aggressive vibe of the music industry (or elsewhere) and sick of feeling like you’re not good enough or you have to prove yourself, sacrificing your own creative integrity to serve another’s standards?

Is there a constant longing to express yourself through song tugging at your belly?

Have you spent years waiting for permission to sing and now, even though you want to and you’re ready, you just feel blocked?

Do you shy away from calling yourself a “singer” or a “musician” or when you do say it, you feel like a fraud?

Do you sometimes wonder what happened to your six-year-old self who sang out, loud and often?

Through group discussion, singing work, and other process based exercises, you will learn:

• Why we, as women, often struggle to feel powerful onstage and confident in our voice and how to claim our right to be seen and heard!

• How to use your singing voice as a vital tool to clear any energetic blocks around being heard and expressing yourself, even if singing is not your primary mode of creative expression.

• Why denying or undervaluing your feminine self is a huge barrier to being empowered in your self-expression and could be at the root of what’s keeping you from fulfilling on your music goals.

• A non-linear feminine pathway to help you identify where you are stopped and what to do today, tomorrow and a year from now to move forward with your creative intentions.

• How to dissolve the physical blocks and energetic barriers that are keeping you stuck.

• Tools to continue discovering and developing your authentic creative voice so you can stop apologizing for what you have to offer and focus your heart, energy and attention towards embodying and sharing your gifts.

• How to attract the right people to guide you on your journey, from key coaches and teachers to a loving, attentive audience.

She Sings Out Loud (SSOL, pronounced soul) helps female identifying creative types, singers, musicians, songwriters and performers move beyond the barriers of fear, doubt and shame that are impacting your experience of being heard and seen and keeping you stuck in a limited experience of your true creative voice and self-expression. In sacred women’s community, we work to support you in embodying feminine wisdom in the creative process so you can discover your true voice, own the stage with power and poise and courageously take the next step to impact the world with your sound. We know you have an extraordinary gift to offer and we are here to help you discover what that is, trust it, and develop to reach your full potential as an artist committed to the transformation and healing of yourself and the world.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “Musician,” or “Singer,” this workshop will give you powerful access to unlock and unleash your creativity and feminine power in all areas of your expressive life.

Even if you feel on fire with creative energy and have been actively performing and singing for years, this workshop will help you uncover hidden blocks so you can connect more deeply to your authentic voice and move into a whole new level of singing, writing and performing,


About Emma Back:

Emma Back, the founder of SSOL, is a vocal and artist development coach, singer, songwriter, violinist and teacher.
A student of Tibetan Buddhism, she has been actively studying, researching, writing, spiritually exploring and teaching about the relationship between spirituality and the sacred feminine for several years. She has trained as a coach with Landmark Education, been a Waldorf School music teacher and holds a BA in music from Naropa University.

Through SSOL’s programs, Emma has helped over 100 women take their next steps to express themselves creatively, including going on to develop full blown careers in music as well as experiencing breakthroughs in relationships, public speaking and other areas where “voice” and self-expression are key.

Emma is on a mission to help people connect deeply with one another, dissolving the barriers of separation that she believes are at the root of war and suffering. She aspires to be one of many voices currently emerging to help re-awaken feminine values (in ALL genders). She is fiercely committed to her own self growth, continuing to inquire, discover and integrate what it is to be a woman and live from feminine wisdom as an artist, spiritual seeker, and peace activist in today’s world.

Emma has been onstage her entire life and in addition to running SSOL’s program and teaching privately, she performs regularly both locally and internationally. She just released her first full length record “Little World” and is currently on a national tour in support of the album. She performs at the UCIMC on June 23rd at 6:30pm.