For everyone that donated, volunteered, hosted , attended or played at a show THANK YOU.

This has been a true community effort and WE did it!

Help Us Make 2019 Rock!

Thank you to our funders, partners, sponsors and those who have generously supported us.



Kayla Brown (Guitar Instructor) 🎸 Dearie 🎸 We the Animals

Carrie Chandler (Camp Support) 🎸 Bashful Youngens 🎸 Dearie

Christine Pallon (Drum Instuctor) 🎸 Carly Beth 🎸 Spandrels

Kamila Glowacki (Band Coach) 🎸 Carly Beth 🎸 Nectar

Kenna Mae (Songwriting Instructor) 🎸 Kenna Mae Music 🎸 Relevator

Anka Radley (Band Coach) 🎸 Clockwork Owl

Isabel Skidmore (Bass Instructor) 🎸 Carly Beth 🎸 Nectar 🎸 Spandrels

OliviaTasch (Vocal Coach) 🎸 Sunshine Daydream

Elizabeth Allen (Recording)

Sara Chabot (Camp Support)

Amy Garren (Girl Power Coach)

Melanie Sheckels (Girl Power Coach)

🔗Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab (Workshop)

🔗CLAW (Workshop)

🔗IMC Zine Library (Workshop)

🔗RACES (Workshop)

Camp Goods or Services

Activator Magazine ♥️ Anonymous ♥️ Ariel Bloomer ♥️ Blackbird Urbana ♥️ Black Dog Smoke & Ale House ♥️ Flying Machine Avionics / Page Roasting Co ♥️ Exile On Main Street ♥️ Guitar Center (Champaign) ♥️ Icon for Hire ♥️ Mike Ingram of County Board ♥️ Miranda Graphic Designs ♥️ Perennial Sound Studio (Ryan Groff) ♥️ Pete Blackmon (First Gig) ♥️ Red Herring Vegetarian Restaurant ♥️ Skins n Tins ♥️ Sub Pop / Hardly Art Records ♥️ The Great Cover Up ♥️ ToneGood Studio (Mark Wyman) ♥️ Urbana Hootenanny at the Rosebowl Tavern ♥️ V Mullen Media ♥️ Watson's Shack & Rail

Camp Volunteers

Elizabeth Allen (Recording) ♥️ Jessica Bartell (Roadie) ♥️ Kayla Brown (Guitar Instructor) ♥️ Joanna Bergkoetter (Roadie) ♥️ Luke Bergkoetter (Roadie) ♥️ Carly Beth (Lunch Performance) ♥️ Sara Chabot (Camp Support) ♥️ Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab (Workshop) ♥️ Carrie Chandler (Camp Support) ♥️ CLAW (Workshop) ♥️ Tracy Earl (Roadie) ♥️ Gillian Gabriel (Roadie) ♥️ Amy Garren (Girl Power Coach) ♥️ Kamila Glowacki (Band Coach) ♥️ IMC Zine Library (Workshop) ♥️ Kenna Mae (Songwriting Instructor) ♥️ Veronica Mullen (Photographer, Roadie) ♥️ Christine Pallon (Drum Instructor) ♥️ Anka Radley (Band Coach) ♥️ RACES (Workshop) ♥️ Adani Sanchez (Roadie) ♥️ Melanie Sheckels (Girl Power Coach) ♥️ Isabel Skidmore (Bass Instructor) ♥️ Olivia Tasch (Vocal Instructor)